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TRAINING and development 

Our ServIces

BERKSON TOWN provides New Company Setup services with a highly dedicated accounting team with 25+ years of experience in Turkish Trade Law.

Our consultants' experience spans across all industries, from manufacturing to service industries.

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We offer specific training programs in different locations of Turkey with  experts who have distinction and who are free minded in their fields.

-ICE-BERK Public speaking,

-EQ-FiT Emotional Intelligence

 "Duygusal Yetkinlik Gelişimi" 
-Path to Self Discovery "Dönüşümün Keşfi"

-HR-PRO Professional Human Resources and Coaching 
-Leadership (coming soon)

Call us or send email for detailed scope of the trainings and development programs...

Working in close coordination with the clients, we offer them the best solutions for their needs.

We first understand the business needs of our clients and then accordingly provide them the best consultancy services.

Berkson Town specially focuces on Executive Level programs for their clients. 

At BERKSON TOWN we handle all local payroll-related employee matters,  concerns  and needs with our experts who have experience with local regulations. 

While we handle every aspect of the payroll administration process, you can concentrate on your core business.


 Dönüştüren Eğitimler ve İK Danışmanlığı

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